Strategic management of health care organizations


Pt. 1: Initiating the strategic management process

Nature of strategic management

Understanding and analyzing the external environment

Service area competitor analysis

Internal environmental analysis and competitive advantage

Directional strategies


Pt. 2: Strategy formulation

Developing strategic alternatives

Evaluation of alternatives and strategic choice


Pt. 3: Strategy implementation

Implementing strategy through value adding service delivery strategies

Implementing strategy through value adding support strategies

Implementing strategy through unit action plans


Pt. 4: Controlling and creating the strategy

Control of the strategy

Inventing the future through strategic thinking: an example


Pt. 5: Appendices

Analyzing strategic health care cases

Oral presentations for health care professionals


Pt. 6: Cases in the health care sector

US health care system / Stuart A. Capper

AIDSCAP Nepal / Ven Sriram, Franklyn Manu

Indiana State Department of Health: managing strategically / Peter M. Ginter, Linda E. Swayne, W. Jack Duncan

Cooper Green Hospital and the Community Care Plan / Alice Adams, Peter M. Ginter, Linda E. Swayne

University of Texas Health Center at Tyler / Mark J. Kroll, Godwin Osuagwu

Calumet Community Hospital / V. Aline Arnold

Indian Health Service: creating a climate for change / Robert J. Tosatto, Terrie C. Reeves, W. Jack Duncan, (et al.)

Midwest: a managed health care system incorporates a medical practice / J. Stuart Bunderson, Shawn M. Lofstrom, Andrew H. Van de Ven

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics / Harry R. Kuniansky, Phil Rutsohn

Rosemont Behavioral Health Center / Phil Rutsohn, Bob Forget

HMA and its Riverview Regional Medical Center Facility / Beth Woodard, Donna J. Slovensky, Woodrow D. Richardson

Dr. Louis Mickael: the physician as strategic manager / C. Louise Sellaro

Life images: 3-D ultrasound / Martin B. Gerowitz

Veterans Administration Medical Care System / Sharon Topping, Peter M. Ginter

Wills Eye Hospital: a specialty hospital survivor / Elizabeth B. Davis, Steven J. Porth, Linda E. Swayne

C. W. Williams Health Center: a community asset / Linda E. Swayne, Peter M. Ginter

Visiting Nurses Association of the Greater Ledgerton Area: working through the tightening web of health care regulation / C. Louise Sellaro, Karen Lazarus

Premier Health Care Alliance Emerges / Linda E. Swayne, Peter M. Ginter

MMG: the integration journey / Shawn M. Lofstrom, Rhonda Engleman, Russel Rogers, (et al.)

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word Health Care System: health care mission plan / Martin B. Gerowitz

Building for the future of public health in Alabama / Rueben E. Davidson III, Stuart A. Capper, Mahmud Hassan

US Health Solutions / Linda E. Swayne